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Kynzie Christian Volleyball


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Kynzie Christian Volleyball


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Killshot is the brainchild of a dynamic mother and daughter duo.

Debbie Christian played volleyball and has coached her favorite sport for 27 years. Her passion for the sport naturally passed down to her daughter, Kynzie.

Kynzie has been playing volleyball since she could walk! She started playing at the club level, then played middle school, high school and college level ball. Kynzie also assisted Debbie with her high school team who made their first Final Four appearance last season, as well as worked as a setting coach at the local club.

Killshot was born out of this passion and desire to offer girls unique volleyball wear that not only looks great, is comfortable, affordable and functional while promoting team spirit and unity!

Killshot’s desire is to promote the sport of volleyball and give girls the opportunity to own custom athletic wear that can show off their team spirit!

Debbie Christian Volleyball
Debbie Christian Volleyball